From the Beginning

Jeff Koch isn’t exactly new to Vail Valley real estate, especially where mortgage lending is concerned. With over 35 years in the real estate and mortgage industry in the Vail Valley, his “Lending Outside the Box” tagline has played a significant role and weathered Federal Reserve Chairs and interest rates in the high teens.

As a Singletree resident since 1990 and representative on the Avon Preserve Trail Committee, founding member of the VBR’s Affiliates Program and the Edwards Rotary Club, Jeff sites his claim to fame is closing over $1,000,000,000 in local loans and having “financed pretty much every Condominium in the valley.”

Come by his office in Riverwalk, next to Zino’s, established when the building was built over 20 years ago to get to know him and his desire to help your clients settle into the property of their dreams. Jeff looks forward to your visit and welcomes your client that expects their deal to close on time.